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This page lists ALL of the currently Active Scotts Valley Homes For Sale throughout Scotts Valley.

 Named after Hirim Scott in 1850, ScottsValley, incorporated in 1977 includes a population of approximately 11,800 individuals and was originally settled by the Ohlone Indians who lived along the shores of a lake that eventually receded leaving a large peat bog. Early ScottsValley industries included lumber, grain, tanning of hides and in the 1930’s peat moss was sent to San Francisco and sold as soil for indoor plants that are difficult to grow. Once the peat moss ran out a sand and gravel were quarried in several ScottsValley sites.

 Prior to the growing popularity of the automobile Scotts Valley was a stage coach stop followed by a tourist destination that included Beverly Gardens; home to unusually shaped trees and a Dinosaur Park and Santa’s Village; a popular Christmas themed park that closed in 1979.

 ModernScottsValley has been home to such high-tech companies as Seagate, Borland, Sessions and Netflix. Current companies include Threshold Enterprises, Bell Sports and Fox Racing Shox. ScottsValley is host to many popular restaurants and boutique shopping with a CityCenter planned at the old Skypark airport site.

 ScottsValley weather is cool in the winter and hot and dry in the summer. ScottsValley real estate includes a mix of single family homes, condominium and townhouse developments as well as 3 of the larger mobile home parks in the County. ScottsValley homes for sale range from rural to mountain to urban type properties. July 26, 2013; The median price in June 2013 for a Scotts Valley SF home is $768,000 and $417,250 for a Condominium.