My Marketing Plan
Selling homes fast, for top dollar requires extra attention to details, details foreign to most sales agents. For American Dream Realty and me, it’s an integral part of our success.
Before we execute a listing agreement...
I will:
  • Prepare pricing recommendations by analyzing recently sold properties, homes that did not sell, and pending contracts, and review current competition on the market.
  • Research tax information on your property.
  • Obtain special assessment information, loan information, utility costs, etc.
  • Recommend possible improvements to yield the highest price.
  • Provide you with instructions for showing appointments.
  • Assist you in the presentation of your home to yield the highest price.
  • Prepare and explain an estimate of closing/settlement costs and net proceeds.
  • Discuss possible inclusions/exclusions and personal property.
  • Assist you with information about your destination city (if you are moving from this area).
  • Provide information regarding home inspection and appraisal procedures.
When we begin the marketing process...
I will:
  • Arrange for photographs
  • Install a sign in your yard to attract “drive-by” prospects.
  • Verify all property information
  • Email information to all area offices.
  • Enter property information into Multiple Listing Service data base, which will expose your property to all licensed members.
  • Install a lock box to facilitate showings by all brokers.
  • Contact current prospects to offer a private showing.
  • Search for additional prospects using the Multiple Listing data base.
  • Cross sell your property at our sales meeting.
  • Schedule Virtual Tour, if appropriate.
  • Prepare several financing plans to attract prospects.
  • Counsel you regarding preparing your home for sale
  • Send weekly status summary and showing reports


  • Prepare first classified ad.
  • Send up information/brochure box if appropriate.
  • Advertise in secondary publications when necessary.
  • Prepare a feature sheet with a list of all benefits/features of your property.
  • Prepare a home display book.
  • Prepare financing packages of possible ways for prospects to buy your home.
  • Review the property to check condition.
  • Conduct direct mail program to zone market
  • Conduct direct mail program to move-up market
  • Provide information about the purchase agreement and negotiations.
  • Send weekly summary and showing reports
  • Hold your house open as needed until offer is accepted.
  • Direct email program to top broker list.
  • Conduct Broker Open house if appropriate.
  • Direct mail program to personal sphere of influence.
  • Send weekly summary and showing reports.
  • Provide a monthly update regarding changes in current market conditions.
  • Send weekly summary and showing reports.
  • Pricing Strategy Conference.
At the time an offer to purchase agreement is received...
I will:
  • Prepare an estimate of seller expenses, closing costs, and net proceeds.
  • Discuss qualifications of the prospective buyer:
  • Current situation and buyer profile
  • Motivation
  • Ability to purchase
  • Review the purchase agreement for completeness and accuracy.
  • Represent you during the presentation of all contracts and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible price and terms for your home.
  • Prepare a calendar of key upcoming actions (i.e., mortgage application, mortgage approval, inspections, closing).
  • Explain all details and contingencies.
  • Deliver all counter-proposals promptly.
  • Preview any contingency properties.
  • Maintain rapport and communicate with the other agents involved in the transaction.
While your transaction is pending...
I will:
  • Deposit earnest money as required by law.
  • Order title insurance, deed, affidavit and survey.
  • When appropriate, meet appraiser at property and present market data.
  • Coordinate Pest, Home, Roof etc. inspections.
  • Review the inspection reports with you.
  • Give a weekly report of pending details.
  • Follow up with borrower’s lender.
  • Post sale as “pending” on Multiple Listing records, put up “Sold” sign when all contingencies are met.
  • Assist cooperating agent with any problems relative to the sale.
  • Schedule the closing.
  • Locate a new home or condominium, if desired.
At the time of closing or settlement...
I will:
  • Discuss proceeds and closing statement with you.
  • Attend the closing and answer your questions.
  • Coordinate possession of property.
  • Maintain a file of all closing papers.
  • Arrange for transportation to the closing if desired.
  • Explain pay-off.
  • Arrange for payment of expenses from closing proceeds.
  • Coordinate all final inspection documents.
  • Coordinate the transfer of utilities and keys.
  • Pick up yard sign and key lock box.
  • Deliver your proceeds in the form of a check!


”Successful people do those things which unsuccessful people think area waste of time”